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Computer Adoption

Comp-U-Dopt was founded on the belief that every child deserves access to the tools they need to be successful.  Since 2007, we have delivered over 7,500 computers into the hands of deserving young people and our Computer Adoption Program is what started it all. On average we deliver 1,500 computers a year through this program.

Companies, organizations, and individuals donate computers which we refurbish by wiping them (up to a Department of Defense standard), and loading them with a new Linux-based educational operating system called edUbantu.  By loading a Linux system we give these valuable several more years of life.  Not only does edUbantu run incredibly light, making these older machines feel new, it also is incredibly safe and comes with over 150 education applications and games that don't require internet access.

How It Works

Every other Saturday during the school year, we partner with a school or community organization to deliver these like-new machines to students in third through eighth grade at 'Adoption Sessions'.

To apply for a refurbished computer, a parent and child must submit a completed application, including a required essay written by the child. These can be submitted to their school (if they are a current partner) or directly to Comp-U-Dopt. To qualify, a family must verify that they do not have a working computer at home and that the child is currently in grades 3-8.

Once approved, the child and parent/guardian must attend the two-hour Adoption Session where they will receive basic technical training on their machine and learn how to care for their computer.

For Students:

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We always need assistance at, before, during and after adoption sessions. Technical knowledge is helpful, but not necessary.  This is a great way to give back to your communities as a company, family, or individual!

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