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Computer Adoption

The Computer Adoption program has run since 2007 and has placed over 6000 computers into the homes of children without access. The program takes donated corporate and individual computers, refurbishes them and distributes them to students in grades 3-8 without access to a computer in the home.

How It Works

To apply for a refurbished computer, a parent and child must submit a completed application, including a required essay written by the child.

To qualify, a family must verify that they do not have a working computer at home and that the child is currently in grades 3-8.

The child and parent/guardian must attend a two hour 'Adoption Session' where they will be introduced to the functions of the computer they will receive, computer care and internet safety.

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Corporate and Individual Volunteers

We always need assistance at, before, during and after adoption sessions. Technical knowledge is helpful, but not necessary.

Learn more about volunteering.