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Why We Do What We Do


Low-income families and children without ready access to computers face significant challenges as employment services and other critical life needs become increasingly reliant on new technology. Only 46% of low-income families report having a computer at home. Without computer literacy and regular access, a world of content and knowledge is unwittingly beyond the reach of these families.


In Houston, 38% of children, live in poverty. Linked with a lack of educational success including difficulties in high school, college and entering the economic mainstream, poverty is a major obstacle to ensuring these children are able to reach their potential.

Simultaneously, 58% of all STEM jobs are computer science jobs yet only 8% of college graduates elect paths in this field.


Early introduction to technology and computer literacy are essential in ensuring the success of children in their educational pursuits, careers and ultimately, their lives.

Only 35% of US high schools teach computer science.

With over 500,000 current job openings, computer science is the #1 job market in the United States

To make the American Dream a reality for all, and to ensure our country has a competitive and productive workforce in the years to come, we must invest in initiatives which develop the potential of home-grown talent and ensure all students, regardless of their economic situation or geographic limitations, have the tools and skills needed for a 21st century education and a bright future. **

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